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Solid 14K Gold Nose Ring Hoop, 14g 16g 18g 20g 22g, Cartilage Earring, Septum Ring, Conch Piercing, 6mm 7mm 8mm 9mm 10mm 11mm

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This 14K solid gold hoop ring is designed for comfort and style using quality materials (nickel-free). This versatile piece can be worn in the piercing of your choice, including the cartilage, septum, tragus, helix, ear, lip, eyebrow, rook, or nose. See product photos for instructions on the opening and closing of the hoop.

The 14K solid gold hoop ring comes polished and work-hardened to help the hoop maintain shape. The ends are smoothed, and it is packaged in a clear baggie within a gift box.

The hoop is available in the following gauges:

~ 12 gauge (2.05mm) (thickest)
~ 14 gauge (1.62mm)
~ 16 gauge (1.29 mm)
~ 18 gauge (1.02 mm)
~ 20 gauge (0.81 mm)
~ 22 gauge (0.64 mm) (thinnest)

You can choose the size of the inner diameter of the hoop:

~ 6mm (1/4 inch)
~ 7mm
~ 8mm (5/16 inch)
~ 9mm
~ 10mm (3/8 inch)
~ 11mm

Larger inner diameters (12mm to 16mm) are available at the following link:

This hoop is recommended for healed piercings only.

Materials: Gold.

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